Tree Removal

All trees, even those already dead or diseased must be approved in advance by the ACC.

Click here for a copy of the Golden Eagle Tree Removal Request Form. Limbing and trimming does not need ACC approval. However, notify the Homes Association at 668-6578 in advance in order to assure the tree contractor’s trucks are allowed access through the gates.
Tree removal companies not on the access list will be turned away.

Tree Removal Tips

  • Call the Homes Association for referrals on tree removal contractors that work regularly in Golden Eagle.
  • We recommend you obtain at least three estimates and make sure your contractor is licensed and insured.
  • Requests for removal of trees on Association-owned green spaces must be accompanied by a completed Tree Removal Request Form and a report from a certified arborist stating the tree is a danger to your property.
  • All trees requested for removal must be clearly marked at eye level with brightly colored survey tape. A Golden Eagle ACC representative will perform a site visit to inspect your trees. Survey tape is available in the Homes Association office at no charge.
  • Tree removal contractors will only be allowed into Golden Eagle after the approval process is completed.
  • For the most expeditious approval, please attach a site plan or drawing identifying the tree(s) to be removed (location and species).
  • Tree removal must include removal of all debris and stump grinding.

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