New Construction

Builders, property owners, and others considering building in Golden Eagle, please refer to the Golden Eagle Owners and Builders Agreement.

Plans must be approved by the Golden Eagle ACC before a permit will be granted by Leon County.

In order for plans to be considered by the ACC, a complete construction package must be submitted.

Packages should include the following:
  • 1.
    2 sets of construction plans
  • 3.
    A completed Landscape Plan
  • 4.
    A minimum performance deposit of $5,000 which is fully refunded upon the acceptable completion & inspection of the project
  • 5.
    A site plan
  • 6.
    Soil test results
  • 7.
    A written site clearing plan
For more details on these requirements, please refer to the Owners and Builders Agreement or call our office 668-6578

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