Golf Cart Rules

  • FL state law prohibits anyone under the age of 14 from driving a golf cart. When not in use, lock your golf cart keys in a safe location so you are aware every time the cart is operated. Also, off road vehicles of any kind (ATV's, dirt bikes, etc.) are prohibited anywhere in our community.
  • Golf carts are subject to the same “rules of the road” commonly applied to licensed motor vehicles.
    This includes obeying all traffic signs such as yield and stop signs.
  • Pedestrians and bicycles shall, at all times be given due consideration and reasonable right of way.
  • Golf carts should always drive to the far right side of the road, allowing licensed motor vehicles the ability to pass safely on the left.
  • At a minimum, all golf carts should be equipped with efficient brakes, safe tires, and all lights, mirrors, signals and other safety equipment which may be required by FL state law. Electric turn signals are highly encouraged. If not equipped, the use of standard hand signals is mandatory.
  • Golf carts driven in the evening hours or during times of low visibility must be equipped with both headlights and taillights.
  • Golf carts are not permitted to drive or park on any common areas or green spaces.
  • Nothing shall be pulled behind a golf cart for any reason.
  • Golf cart owners and/or operators will be held personally liable for injuries, and damage caused to Association property or private residential property.
The Association recommends that you obtain a separate insurance policy for your golf car. The typical homeowners policy only provides coverage for a golf car when it is used to service your property or for recreational riding at your residence. You many not have any coverage once your golf car leaves your property. Check with your insurance provider to be sure.

Being a responsible golf car owner ensures your safety and the safety of all Golden Eagle residents.

We urge you to drive cautiously and obey our community golf car rules.

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