All fences must be specifically approved in writing by the ACC before installation. All fences must be within the property line of the Lot and no fence can be constructed in the Association green areas. Effective June 8, 2010 a minimum $500 performance deposit must accompany every request for a fence submitted to the ACC.
Privacy fences must include a detailed landscaping plan for evergreen shrubs on the exterior of the fence where the fence is visible from the street. Plant material must be a minimum of 5 gallons and consistent with what are generally defined to be “hedge” plants. Plants must be installed within 30 days of fence completion. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the deposit. Refunds will be promptly issued if the request is declined by the ACC or, if approved, after the fence is completed (including installation of landscaping for privacy fences) and inspected by the ACC.

A) Residential fences must be of a decorative design. Acceptable examples are milled post tops with scalloped or dog eared vertical boards, incorporated lattice work, aluminum or wrought iron between the posts, or etc. Split rail, chain link or welded wire fencing will not be approved.

B) The finished side must face the exterior of the Lot.

C) If the fence is painted, or stained, the color must be approved by the ACC.

D) No fence will be constructed nearer the front property line than the building setback line or the closest edge of the building, whichever is greater. These cases must have valid justification. The ACC will normally approve only those fences that encompass the back yard

E) Residential fences on lake front or golf course lots will conform to the following criteria:

  • 1) No fence is permitted on the rear 50’ of a Lot that is on a lake or golf course.
  • 2) The fence must have pillars of masonry or brick material compatible with the dwelling. The number of pillars can be determined by the length of the fence, but shall not be less than the number of corners.
  • 3) Fences height must be no more than six feet.

F) Residential fences that are not adjacent to the lake or golf course have these criteria:

  • 1) Maximum height of any fence on interior Lots must be no more than eight feet.
  • 2) If the fence is more than 12' in length and visible from the street, it must have adequate landscaping to minimize the starkness of the structure. Plant materials must be minimum of 5 gallons and consistent with what are generally defined to be “hedge” plants.
  • 3)In Eagle Ridge, wooden fences are discouraged. The ACC would prefer brick privacy walls.


Wood fences tend to have a negative aesthetic impact, although they are sometimes necessary for controlling pets or ensuring the safety of small children. For privacy, the Homes Association recommends a dense hedge of shrubbery. May fast growing evergreen varieties are available that in the long run and are also more cost effective.

Requests for fences must include:

  • a drawing or site plan identifying the location of the fence
  • a deposit of $500 to be refunded when the project is complete

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